Data Analytics Process

In general, organizations dealling with large amount data
 usally follow the 5 phases below

Your Data goes through 5 stages

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1. Data Generation

• Are all business activites tracked in software?
• Which software needs upgrades to become more efficient in collecting data?
• Is data entry part of a mandatory business process, which of the mundane tasks can be automated?

2. Data Collection

• Where data are kept, in-house or in third-party databases?
• Who owns the data, does party services give you ownership of data?
• Can data be collected automatically or semi-automatically?

3. Data Storage

• Is there an in-house centralised data storage infrastructure?
• Is current data-warehouse capable of handling analytics query needs, or does it take too long?
• How will future data being stored and categorised, which data are not stored?

4. Data Processing

• What are data touch points that can be linked, which cannot be linked or mapped?
• How can we tweak internal businesses to make the data linked logically?
• What are limitations in current data pool, which data is critical but missing, not tracked?

5. Data Visualisation

• What are business insights, questions, thesis we need to answer?
• What data metrics & trends should be constantly monitored, for each department?
• How do we use data and BI tools to answer future questions?


Anatics provide expertise in setting up 5-stage data pipeline. We guide your team through the process, build your first automated organization dashboards and set your team up for future Data-driven decision makings.

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We can help You if :

  •  You are a SME with years in operation

    That means there is likely a good amount of transactional data being accummulated in different databases in the organisation. It is needed for a good analysis.

  •  Has intention to setup internal Data team

    We would guide your team through the process, handover full documentation and provide training for your potential team members.

  • Drop us a note about your team