Data Implementation

Unlocking the value within ever-growing volumes of data is key to competitive advantage. The value of data is derived from the insight it can provide, enabling organizations to make better decisions.

Anatics Company helps you identify opportunities for maximizing data value through developing specific use-case, AI-enabled analytic applications, and driving organizational transformation.

1 / Data Warehouse & BI tool setup

We offers Business Intelligence (BI) services that include designing, developing, and deploying enterprise processes, integrating and supporting related technology applications and platforms, and providing solutions for corporate performance management (CPM) and analytics.

The company also offers Data Warehouse as a Service (DWaaS), which includes custom data warehouse architecture design and development, integration with existing data sources, data cleaning and migration, support for maintaining data quality and checking performance, and continuous upgrades to adapt to changing business needs and data sources.

2 / CPM Model Design (OKR & KPI)

We are consultants specializing in KPIs and performance measurement. Our clients come from a variety of industries, including FMCG, technology, sports, education, consulting, and financial services.

We can help you define and measure KPIs that will help drive improvement in areas such as customer satisfaction, revenue growth, innovation, and risk mitigation. We can also assist with setting targets, objectives, and key results to support progress toward achieving those KPIs.

Our services include not only strategy development but also implementation support. We can advise on process and technology improvements and provide guidance on dashboard and report design and implementation. In short, we help organizations understand their business and identify the best path toward growth and improvement.

3 / Automated Report/ Dashboard

The service includes report scheduling & automation to schedule and run reports in a chosen time frame, BI dashboard design and development to create a clear, concise & well-designed dashboard, KPIs set up & analytics for a quantifiable measure of performance over time for a specific objective, and data visualization consulting to visualize the information to navigate in the world of immeasurable data freely.

This service lets your employees shuffle off the burden of manual monitoring and analyzing numerical data with ease. Automate your data visualization process to get actionable insights and make well-informed business decisions faster. The service provides business analysts, project managers, and other team members with insightful visualization that makes them start answering questions they didn’t know they had.

4 / Actionable Data Insight Report

Anatics Company's Actionable Data Insight Report service provides strategic recommendations to support business-critical questions or decision-making. The service analyzes data from multiple sources, providing a deeper level of insight into audience behaviors. The service is available as a one-off project or as an ongoing service and extension of the client's team.

The service aims to answer questions such as how users are finding the client's website, what they do when they get there, where and why they leave the site, how they interact with comparison tools, how they convert across devices, where they fall out of the conversion funnel, and the value of the client's blog or product video.


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