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Digital to Growth Consulting (DGC) services are strategic and transformational consulting services supporting senior business stakeholders, such as CEOs, COOs, CMOs, and other business leaders. DGC particularly helps these leaders in efforts to leverage digital technologies to enable the innovation of their entire business or elements of their business and operating models. Specific capabilities include consulting services for digital strategy and transformation, digital operations, and digital customer experience.

Digital transformation consulting helps businesses create a more competitive organization by guiding the adoption of digital products, platforms, and processes. The best way to understand digital transformation is to not think of it as a separate phenomenon or discipline from the core business models, services, operations, or strategies. It’s simply a phrase used by the industry to define a typical organization’s efforts to adapt to rapidly changing digital technologies. Anatics Company offers comprehensive and innovative digital to growth consulting services in the following four key disciplines:

1. Digital Process Transformation

Process transformation means creating fundamental and radical changes in an organization’s internal processes in order to help them produce more efficient and innovative outcomes. It often requires a switch from manual to digital and automated processes.

2. Digital Business Model Transformation

Business model transformation means changing a part of a business by digitizing a product or a service or otherwise implementing digital technology to help achieve the company’s goals.

3. Digital Domain Transformation

Domain transformation is a type of digital transformation consulting that helps businesses transform their industries or sectors from one to another by leveraging digital technologies.

4. Digital Culture/Organizational Transformation

Digital transformation consulting can help embed digital into a company’s cultural DNA by changing constituent behavior and implementing technological change in the broader company culture.

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