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Anatics clients have harnessed the power of digital, technology, and data to push the boundaries of innovation. By leveraging these tools, they have been able to launch new digital ventures, drive digital transformation, and achieve business growth.


Analyze and develop an optimal market map for Vientiane using trade survey data. Identify and recommend target store segments and service levels for SFA implementation. Resource planning (optimization of number of distributors/wholesalers, sales force configuration). Prepare route planning to implement SFA. Collect/process data for management dashboards. Prepare data and management reports to support business operations


Appraisal and consulting on business strategies, technology strategies, management model transformation roadmap, design of a set of measurement indicators to evaluate business performance. Design a reporting structure appropriate to each management goal. Collect and store data from various data sources. Process data and create reports for business administration. Providing maintenance and data analysis services with the goal of ensuring that built systems operate stably, supporting the handling of arising needs and providing data analysis training to customers.


Manage existing data flows from data sources to reports, re-establish data pipelines (DW tools, EL, data modeling & transformation tools...) to optimize management data management and support business needs. Analyze data & build reports/dashboards according to business user requirements.
Analyzing customer data and consulting on technology in advertising activities, including the following tasks: Building a unified overall customer profile from multiple data sources (old and new customer tracking data), and build customer segments.


Carry out appraisal and consulting on technology & data strategies, build business performance measurement models and build automated business operations data sets & reporting systems, including the following tasks:
Synthesize reporting requirements, analyze data, design data analysis parameters. Set up a standard data storage and analysis system. Assess data availability. Plan to design a detailed data analysis system. Building systems and interfaces for data analysis of sales activities and warehouse management

Phuc Giang

Evaluate current processes, reporting needs - analyze existing data. Synthesize outstanding issues and department needs. Appraisal of the company's current organizational chart, roster, assignment of responsibilities by department and location, and BOD's current working process. Synthesize reports and analysis dimensions in existing data analysis reports. Develop a list of improvements with suggestions for implementation. Prioritize improvements relative to implementation milestones. Design a list of KPIs - indicators to evaluate the effectiveness of improvements. Develop implementation roadmap and results for each phase

Everest Education

Evaluate the current situation, develop an organizational restructuring strategy; digitize and deploy the construction of IT systems to serve the application of data in operating and management activities to optimize business efficiency.
Anatics redesigns Enterprise Performance Management for Sales and Marketing, Central P&L, and builds a data platform with automated dashboards (Including: Real-time Central P&L, Action Tracking) Customer Process, Retention, Lifetime Value, etc.)


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