Client Description: The client is one of the most famous educational organizations nationwide, a leading center for training and preparation for international English exams for all ages with more than 15 centers with more than 50,000 students.
– Can not track Customer Retention and Customer Lifetime Value
– Can not tracK Profit & Lost by each center.
– Fragmented customer data, can not conduct sales conversion analysis to track sales performance.
– Huge income & outcome transactions data, can not track manually financial performance of each center
– Re-design Corporate Performance Management for Sales and Marketing, Center PnL.. etc.
– Restructure customer data and migrate to new CRM.
– Build Data Warehouse, collect and store data from Marketing Ads Platform, CRM, and Accounting system
– Transform data and build up a data platform with automated dashboards (Included: Real-time Center PnL, Customer Journey tracking, Retention, Lifetime value… etc)